Thursday, 6 September 2012

Each Peach Peplum

If there's one trend that stands out as a runaway hit at the moment, it's the peplum. Tailored yet feminine, it's equally perfect for the office, a night out, or just sitting in a pub garden on a sunny afternoon. A pastel top with a peplum waist is an easy way to smarten up a pair of leggings, and a peplum dress is a lifesaver if you don't know what to wear for an interview.

Dotty Peplum Skirt, £24 from BangBangCrash
Dora Flower Flock Peplum Shift Dress, £15 from SheLikes
Peplum Frill Bodycon Pencil Skirt, £8.99 from Funky Divaa
Latex Peplum Pencil Skirt, £105 from Cathouse Clothing
I love love love this red spotty skirt from BangBangCrash, it's one of my favourites of the whole lot. It's lively and youthful, and yet still sophisticated, thanks to the double peplum and flattering shaping. If it wasn't already enough of a bargain at £24, it's also handmade to order. Take that, highstreet suckers!

Stop Staring Obsession Dress, £180 from 20th Century Foxy
Damani Floral Print Peplum Dress, £22 from Pop Couture
Turquoise Peplum Shift Dress, £45 from Little Mistress
Black Satin Strapless Top, £19.95 from The Gothic Catwalk
How can you not ADORE this devastatingly gorgeous dress from the aptly named Stop Staring? It's an American label, but it's available in the UK from the equally brilliantly named 20th Century Foxy, amongst others.

If you want something a little more affordable, check out Little Mistress. I keep going back to their website when I should be working just to sigh over their pretty, pretty dresses. Then I get in this looping paradox of not being able to work because I'm distracted by the dresses, but not being able to buy the dresses because I haven't worked enough to buy them.
Pink Tropical Floral Peplum Dress, £15 from Desire Clothing
Lace Peplum Dress, £49 from Aspire Style
Detachable Peplum, £29 from Nauticoco
Vintage 1980's Cocktail Dress, £65 from Peekaboo Vintage
Bet you didn't know you could get detachable peplums did ya! These ones are reversible as well, they've got black on the other side, so you've got a ton more uses for it.

Aspire Style are great if you're looking for some classier accessories or clothing, really sweet little boutique. Ok so the dress is Little Mistress as well, so shoot me.
Neon Flare Peplum Skirt, £15 from Yayer
Black Heart Peplum Dress, £65 from The Wardrobe Door
Blue Polkadot Peplum Dress, £22 from Lace Boutique
Tuxedo Peplum Dress, £30.98 from CherryPiePunk
Two more striking handmade dresses here, one from The Wardrobe Door, and one from CherryPiePunk. One inspired by classic vintage glamour, and one slightly more tongue-in-cheek - but both easily wearable and well within your budget.

Remember to check out the shops if you like something featured here, one of them could be your new favourite label! For more crazy independent shops you never knew existed, don't forget to check out Secret Carousel!

(The title is a reference to the Janet and Allan Ahlberg children's book, in case you were wondering what the hell I was on about. I think the peach dress got filtered out in the mix)
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  1. You've just convinced me: I need to bey a peplum dress ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I really love the solid peplum dresses you've chosen.

    xo M

  3. Hey peplum lady, I have a little something for you!
    Check it out :))

  4. Love them all, it's such a shame my mahoosive booty means I can't even consider wearing peplums! They just stick out :S So I sit and lust at them instead... x

    1. Ah you just haven't found the right one yet! There's definitely a peplum dress for everyone, trust me ;) x

  5. You have a great style

  6. Each Peach Plum was one of my favourite books as a child! I'm also pretty partial to a peplum too ;) x

    1. I'm glad you said that! I wasn't sure if it was just something that was popular in my school or something lol x

  7. i love this style its so glam! :)

  8. Great style plus attractive are simply a treat of beauty...and all the outfits are really so great in terms of design..

    1. Wooooah there topics. Hands off she's mine

  9. I love peplum clothes! I have a top and a dress and just think that peplum looks great on everybody!

    Really like your blog too :) xx

  10. Love Peplum dresses... they are all the rage right now, and picked up a few... the ones you posted are simply so beautiful too.. love the black and white floral dress and love the "suit" one! Am following you on blog lovin! Keep up the good work!


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